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Nozari Legal proudly serves buyers and sellers in the Evanston, North Shore  and Chicagoland areas of Illinois.

Protect your investment by choosing Neda Nozari, an established, highly rated, and trusted real estate attorney.


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What Real Estate services

does Nozari Legal offer?

We offer a wide range of real estate law services to help make your life easier and get you through any situation involving your property.

Our services include the following:

  • Closings on residential real estate – buyer and seller
  • Landlord lease preparation
  • Tenant lease review – residential and commercial
  • Contract dispute resolution
  • Closings of commercial properties

Evanston Real Estate Attorney

At Nozari Legal, we understand that home is deeply personal. Whether you’re on the journey of purchasing a new place or parting with your current one, we’re here to simplify what can be an emotionally charged process. Let us handle the heavy lifting, ensuring you’re fully informed and confident in your decisions and rights.

Navigating the world of home buying or selling can be overwhelming, especially when understanding the importance of choosing the right attorney. While there are numerous budget-friendly closing services that prioritize quantity over quality, it’s essential to avoid fleeting, low-standard legal support. You’re not just seeking an attorney; you’re entrusting someone with one of your most significant assets.

At Nozari Legal, our Evanston real estate attorneys are dedicated to championing your interests, negotiating effectively, and ensuring your protection. We maintain the pinnacle of legal and ethical standards, all while offering competitive rates. We invite you to consider Nozari Legal for your upcoming real estate endeavors.

Additionally, Neda proudly serves as an attorney-agent with First American Title Insurance Company and Chicago Title Insurance Company.

“I was so impressed with Neda at Nozari Legal. She helped us with the sale of our house and treated us like family. She answered our questions and took care of all the issues that arose. I highly recommend the services of this firm. It is personalized, accessible and professional.”

-May K.

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Your home is more than just a property; it’s a significant and cherished asset. Don’t gamble with its legal matters. For top-notch results, trust the experts. Reach out to our office today to chat with our adept real estate attorneys, address your queries, and embark on the journey to secure the best outcome for your home.

High Quality Counsel You Deserve

Navigating real estate law can be a maze, and when it’s about something as intimate as your home, you deserve a guiding hand. Given the high stakes and substantial investments, it’s crucial to have counsel who’s well-versed in the intricacies of the law and genuinely champions your interests.

Look no further than Nozari Legal for comprehensive real estate support. We’re confident that your quest for the premier real estate law firm concludes here. We’re equipped to steer you through any legal challenges you might face in the property realm.

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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Attorney?

Choosing a good Real Estate Attorney is a vital part of the process in buying or selling your home. With the high costs of properties, confusing contracts, legal jargon, and daunting situations that are typically involved with real estate law, many buyers and sellers feel overwhelmed. When evaluating what attorney to go with we suggest you:

  • Start your research earlier than later
  • Search for local attorneys using the city name or zip code you’re purchasing or selling in
  • Look at reviews & client testimonials
  • Set up a consultation to see if it’s a good fit.

At Nozari Legal, our compassionate and holistic approach is in everything we do – but more importantly, you’ll be with a law firm that cares about your interests and who can help.

We understand that nothing is more personal than your home, so whether you are buying, selling, renting out your home, investing in a property, or any other situation that involves the laws and business of real estate – we are here to help. With Neda’s advocacy, what might seem like an overwhelming journey can become a much smoother process. We’ll take care of all the hard work for you and keep you informed every step of the way. We will make sure you understand your rights and everything you sign before it’s too late.

Contact us today so you can rest assured that you have an attorney on your side with your best interests at heart. We will negotiate on your end and ensure that we put protections in place for you and your property every step of the way.